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I'm Lonely by xgalaxymeowx I'm Lonely :iconxgalaxymeowx:xgalaxymeowx 0 0 August  by xgalaxymeowx August :iconxgalaxymeowx:xgalaxymeowx 0 0 Winged Wolf Lineart  by xgalaxymeowx Winged Wolf Lineart :iconxgalaxymeowx:xgalaxymeowx 2 2 Golden Labrador [Beginner] by xgalaxymeowx Golden Labrador [Beginner] :iconxgalaxymeowx:xgalaxymeowx 0 1


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Infatuation Incubus!LevixReaderxOnesided!Jean Pt.2
*~*~*~*Trigger Warnings: Mention of Rape. Viewer Discretion is advised.*~*~*~* 
Ridding all traces of your slumber and surfacing back into reality, long lashes batted your lids open, letting in a blinding whiteness by which stung your eyes, shielding them with your arm as you caught sight of the blank ceiling, wonder piquing your mind of your current whereabouts. Your body numbly moved about amongst realizing you were laying down, particularly against a bed, thin white sheets cocooned about your figure.
A badgering pounding erupted in your brain soon as your senses were reactivating, groans of discomfort fell from your lips, holding onto a developing will power, urging that you stop lying about and do some investigating.
Trying to disregard the hammering pain in your head, your once driving want nearly vanished as a flushing ache overwhelmed your entire body, movement in a particular area had been hell, stretching to the point where it might possibly snap if you elongated it enoug
:iconchocolatecandii:ChocolateCandii 93 60
Incubus!Levi x Reader |By Her Side|
"Levi, I promise, it'll just be an hour at the most! It's not like you have anything better to do." She told me with a pout, her gentle hand reaching out towards my own. I let out a forced growl, before retracting my hand that was almost in her grasp. I hesitated for a moment when I saw the slight pain in her (e/c) eyes, but nevertheless managed to frown towards her.
"You're such a pain in the ass. How many times do I have to tell you, no! Now get the hell out, before I kick you out myself." I tell her, as I lowered my voice to the point my vocal chords hurt. But I had to scare her away - no, I wouldn't let her innocent (e/c) hues see my other side.
"B-But you've been cooped up here all day, I just want-"
"Get this through your thick skull, you idiot. I don't want you here. Now leave." I mumble to her, before looking away. I couldn't see her expression, nor did I want to. Her beautiful face was probably frowning, and damn did I despise being the cause of her fowl mood.
"I-If y
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 458 86
[Vampire!Levi x Reader] Sacrificium
You stared out the the window of your room. The moon was on its fullest; its light illuminating the landscapes, making the mountains and the trees appear mystifying.
Your bare feet hardly make any sound as you silently walked out of the room you shared with Sasha. Everyone was fast asleep but you still have to be careful. You didn't want anyone to wake up and question you. You didn't want to explain to them why you were walking towards the lance corporal's room, donned only with your sleeping clothes.
When you reached the door leading to his room, you raised your hand to knock, only to stop upon realizing that you don't have to. You took a deep breath as you open the door.
The room was dimly lit. Most of the light was coming from outside, a little coming from a single candle on the desk. The wax melting and flowing like tears.
Your heart almost stopped at the sight of him. He was sitting on the chair behind his desk. His eyes were casted outside, gazing at the bright moon, just like wh
:icononehelloflevi:onehelloflevi 306 58
DemonButler!Levi x Reader [5] Candy and Memories
You were in the busy streets of London, walking around, looking at the items that were displayed on the glass windows of the stores, your butler trailing after you. His eyes were trained on you, amazed by how much fun you were having with just looking around. When you were young, your parents would take you here. You enjoyed shopping with them. Your mother would gleefully make you try out multiple dresses and accessories. Dressing you up was some kind of stress relief for her. Your father, on the other hand, didn’t enjoy it much or so you think. He barely bought anything for himself and just watched you and your mother had fun. When you asked him once why he wasn’t getting anything for himself, he just answered that he didn’t need anything and that seeing you and your mother happy was enough for him.
You passed by a store selling glasses and remembered Hanji. You entered the store, wanting to buy something for her. You actually felt bad
:icononehelloflevi:onehelloflevi 281 124



I'm Lonely
School is almost over, yay!
    Summer break is coming and I'm going to be heading to LOST. Oh joy! Clap

P.S I'm not rly lonely..  
Meet August!~
One of the four new characters I created, I got lazy with his shirt so it turned out like that.   


Love him to bits!~ <3 

INSTAGRAM: @/rusun_iv
Winged Wolf Lineart
I've stopped being in hiatus now, it's been a long time since I've digitally drawn.
Here's a gift!~   

Winged Wolf Lineart - made by me
If you would like to use it for any occasion, feel free but please credit me!  :) 
Thanks!~~  <3 

INSTAGRAM: @/rusun_iv
Golden Labrador [Beginner]
Clap   so proud! 

meet inez, a sweet and loyal dog that loves to wear red bandanas, she also has heterochromia which makes her eyes a different color. 
she's also named after my best friend, because their personalities match Heart 
    ~ rusun +fav

app: firealpaca
time taken: 5-6 hours 
skill level: beginner 

instagram: @/rusun_iv 


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xgalaxymeowx's Profile Picture
Ashlyn Snow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong
Okay, okay hear me out y'all. If you don't want to know me skip the bio, if you sincerely want to know me look and read this bio.

I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm a gamer, an artist and a anime fan. I game in Minecraft, Roblox, Star Stable, Nitendo 3DS and PS4. I draw almost anything really and I draw in both digital and traditional but mostly digital since I can't color in traditional. I watch Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater Not, HunterxHunter and Kuroshitsuji. I use Wattpad and Quotev to write 'magical' stories.

That's all you practically really need to know about me, other than that don't piss me off because I have bad anger management (when I mean bad, I don't mean that bad), and really have no good comebacks/burns/roasts -whatever-.

ONE MORE THING. HANJI ZOE IS BAE, don't mess with her, insult her or I'll come and beat you into a pulp. -kidding, I love you all!~-

*Cheers. :)


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